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Published Research

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The categorisation of uses and management of change: A planning review

Research on amending the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 and the associated permitted development rights for Wales.

An evaluation of Technical Advice Note 15: Development and Flood Risk

Research into the effectiveness of planning policy and guidance on flood risk.

Planning for Mobile Telecommunications: An Assessment of Permitted Development Rights In Wales

Research on amending permitted development rights for telecommunications infrastructure in Wales.

Permitted development rights and small-scale, low risk hydropower

The report makes recommendations on introducing permitted development rights for small scale, low risk hydropower schemes in Wales.

Thresholds and criteria for Developments of National Significance

This report examines new and existing categories of development to determine whether they should be included within the ‘Developments of National Significance’ regime.

Longitudinal Viability Study of the Planning Process

The report makes recommendations to improve the deliverability of housing developments.

Permitted Development Rights and Non Domestic Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Panels

This report examines existing permitted development rights for non domestic solar panels and whether they remain fit for purpose, and considers options for amending them.

Exploring methods for the identification of Strategic Planning Areas - Final Research Report.

This report identifies and assesses a range of options which could be used to identify strategic planning areas which can come forward following the Planning (Wales) Act 2015.

Stalled Sites and Section 106 Agreements

This report identifies and quantifies all sites that are stalled as a result of issues relating to a Section 106 agreement. It also examines the reasons why these sites are stalled.

Planning Advisory and Improvement Service

We have created a Planning Advisory and Improvement Service (PAIS) to identify and deliver best practice and raise standards across the Welsh planning system by sharing expertise and knowledge.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) review – Report of findings

This report examines the extent of concentrations of HMOs in Wales and looks at ways to address the issues associated with them.

Quantification of Infrastructure and Business/Commercial Planning Applications Submitted in Wales

We commissioned research from ARUP to quantify infrastructure and business or commercial planning applications submitted to and determined by local planning authorities in Wales.

Town Centres and Retail Dynamics - Towards a Revised Retail Planning Policy for Wales

This reviews the current national planning policy in achieving our aims for town centres.

Research into the failure to restore opencast coal sites in south Wales

This research examines factors that affect the delivery of successful restoration schemes once open cast coal operations come to an end.

Planning for sustainable buildings review

This study analyses the planning for sustainable buildings policy and Technical Advice Note (TAN 22).

Towards a Welsh Planning Act: Ensuring the Planning System Delivers

We commissioned a report from an Independent Advisory Group, chaired by the former Director of the Planning Inspectorate in Wales, on the future delivery of planning services in Wales.

Local Development Orders: Impacts and Good Practice

This study highlights the opportunities offered by Local Development Orders (LDOs) and provides guidance on their creation and use for local authorities and others in Wales.

Evaluation of the planning permission process for housing

This research examines what prevents timely decisions for housing developments and gives recommendations to improve the decision-making process.

Review of Design and Access Statements in Wales

This research gives an insight and makes recommendations about improving the legislation, guidance and processes that govern design and access statements in Wales.

Planning for economic development - Towards a new Technical Advice Note

This study provides evidence and recommendations to inform the preparation of a new economic development Technical Advice Note (TAN).

Research into the operation of planning committees in Wales

This study provides evidence about the efficiency and effectiveness of planning committees.

Research into the Review of the Planning Enforcement System in Wales

This study provides evidence to inform the review of the planning system in Wales.

Evaluation of consenting performance of renewable energy schemes

This study provides evidence to help us improve the decision-making process for onshore renewable and low-carbon energy developments.

BREEAM 2011 Technical Analysis: Research Summary

We commissioned research to identify the implications of the introduction of Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) 2011 on national planning policy.

Delivery of Planning Services in Statutory Designated Landscapes in Wales

We commissioned research from Land Use Consultants to evaluate the delivery of planning services in National Parks (NPs) and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).

Public attitudes towards the planning system in Wales

We commissioned research from Beaufort Research to identify attitudes, perceptions and expectations of the Planning system.

A New Approach to Managing Development in Wales: Towards a Welsh Planning Act

Arup, the Cardiff School of City and Regional Planning and Liz Mills Associates have reviewed the management and control of the use of land in Wales.

Research: A Strategic Monitoring Framework for the Planning System

We want to measure the contribution the planning system makes to our vision of a sustainable Wales.  We said we would do this in our Sustainable Development Scheme so we commissioned research to help us decide on how we could do this.

Research: Joint Housing Land Availability Studies Process Review

We want to improve the timeliness and their usefulness of Joint Housing Land Availability Studies. So we commissioned research to examine their usefulness and the process of preparing them.
Research: Planning for Sustainable Economic Renewal

Research: Planning for Sustainable Economic Renewal

Research which evaluated the effectiveness of existing planning policy for economic development to help establish future planning policy and guidance requirements against the ‘Economic Renewal: a new direction’.
Research: Planning Implications of Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Development

Research: Planning Implications of Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Development

The planning system plays an important role in facilitating renewable energy projects in suitable locations. At the same time it helps to balance the local environmental effects of proposed development. This research was prepared for us by Land Use Consultants and the Centre for Sustainable Energy.
Research: Strategic Search Area (SSA) Reassessment and Validation

Research: Strategic Search Area (SSA) Reassessment and Validation

This research was commissioned in 2009. It provides an evidence base to inform a revised planning policy framework for onshore wind development in and around the Strategic Search Areas (SSA) in Wales.
Research: Planning for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy – A Toolkit for Planners – Recommendations Report

Research: Planning for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy – A Toolkit for Planners – Recommendations Report

This report sets out recommendations following the completion of ‘Planning for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy – A Toolkit for Planners’ and ‘Planning for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy – A Toolkit for Planners, Pembrokeshire Pilot Study’.

Study to examine local barriers to the delivery of affordable housing in rural Wales

In 'One Wales' we committed to ensure an additional 6,500 affordable homes were delivered in Wales between 2007 and 2011.

Research Project for a Review of Mobile Phone Operators Permitted Development Rights

This research was carried out by the University of the West of England, Bristol. Their report assesses possible options for change to the permitted development rights available to mobile phone operators.

Local Authority Zero Carbon Barriers Research

The research was carried out by Faber Maunsell. It identifies the practical implications for local authorities of implementing and helping low and zero carbon developments through the planning system.

The Restoration and Aftercare of Coal and Aggregate Workings in Wales

This study provides a snapshot of the restoration and aftercare progress at mineral sites in Wales which have ceased working during the last ten years.

Review and Evaluation of the Development Control Monitoring Process

This report sets out a list of recommendations for changes to the data collected on the quarterly Welsh development control return.

Evaluation of the Welsh Regional Aggregates Working Parties - Executive Summary

Regional Aggregate Working Parties (RAWPs) were established in England and Wales in the early 1970s. They aimed to manage the need for and supply of aggregates (gravel, sand etc) in the construction industry. The Working Parties also deals with concerns about the environmental impact of extracting ...

Review of Wind Farm Developer Interest in Wales

This report provides evidence of developer interest through the compilation of a database of current onshore wind farm planning applications.

Opencast Coal Resources in Wales – Planning and Environmental Support/Review

The British Geological Survey was contracted to produce a report on the Welsh coalfield resources, to support the re–drafting of the draft Coal Minerals Technical Advice Note (MTAN). They sub–contracted the environmental assessment research to Arup in July 2006.

Research on Open Space Audits

This research was undertaken in 2007 by Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government to establish the baseline position of planning assessments or audits of open space, prior to the revision of TAN 16.

Evaluation of the Processes used to Develop National Planning Policy in Wales - Final Report to the Welsh Assembly Government

The aim of the study is to evaluate the processes by which planning policy development has been undertaken and to make specific recommendations for improvement, together with an assessment of how policy should be presented.

The Use and Value of Planning Obligations in Wales

The report describes the results of a survey of practice with regard to planning obligations in 2005/06, to which all 25 local planning authorities in Wales responded.  The value of planning obligations agreed in Wales that year is estimated to be between £26m and £31m.  Affordable housing obligati ...

Survey of the Arisings and Use of Aggregates from Construction and Demolition Waste, Excavation Waste, Quarry Waste and Dredging Waste in Wales in 2005 - Executive Summary

This research project is to establish reliable estimates for the arising and use of aggregates from construction and demolition waste (C&D waste) in Wales during 2005.

Quinquennial Review and Evaluation of the Wales Planning Research Programme - Final Report to the Welsh Assembly Government

The Wales Planning Research Programme (WPRP) is intended to support the research needs of planning policy development in Wales. The WPRP's activities have been carried out based on a Scoping Study completed in 2000.

Report of the Review of Code of Best Practice on Mobile Phone Network Deveopment: Final Report - March 2006

This is the final report of a study into the operation and effectiveness of the Code of Best Practice on Mobile Phone Network Development (CoBP). It presents key findings on two main aspects of the CoBP – how Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) have operated the guidance and the public perception of ...

Mapping Areas of Search for Sub-Regional Waste Sites - Executive Summary

RPS has been contracted by the WelshAssembly Government to carry out a GIS mapping exercise to locate broad areas of search for the establishment of sub–regional waste facilities throughout Wales. For the purposes of this Project, “sub–regional” has been agreed by the Steering Group to ...
Facilitating Planning for Renewable Energy in Wales: Meeting the Target – ARUP Review of Final Report of June 2005

Facilitating Planning for Renewable Energy in Wales: Meeting the Target – ARUP Review of Final Report of June 2005

Arup Review of Final Report of June 2005

Energy assessment of TAN8 wind energy Strategic Search Areas

The Energy Assessment is a technical feasibility study of the seven proposed wind energy Strategic Search Areas.

Implementing the Methodology for Assessing the Environmental Capacity for Primary Aggregates (IMAECA) - Executive Summary

Minerals Technical Advice Note 1: Aggregates (2004) proposes a different approach to the provision of aggregates in Wales through a careful assessment of the supply of aggregates based on a study of the environmental capacity of resource areas.

Essential Dwellings in the Open Countryside Final Report - January 2005

This study has been undertaken by Land Use Consultants.

What sort of Countryside do we want?

This research project has been commissioned and undertaken as part of the Welsh Assembly Government's Wales Planning Research Programme (WPRP).
Facilitating Planning for Renewable Energy in Wales: Meeting the Target - ARUP Final Report of August 2004

Facilitating Planning for Renewable Energy in Wales: Meeting the Target - ARUP Final Report of August 2004

This report is the result of research commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government to assist it with the redrafting and implementation of the updated TAN 8. ARUP Final Report of August 2004

The Sand and Gravel Resources of North West Wales - Summary

This report was commissioned by the National Assembly for Wales to evaluate the location and volume of potentially workable resources of land–based, fine–grained mineral aggregate in the area of the Mineral Planning Authorities of Anglesey County Council, Conwy Borough Council, Gwynedd ...

The Rural Economy and the Planning System - Final Report

This study has been undertaken by Land Use Consultants in collaboration with the University of the West of England and Atlantic Consultants on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government.

Second and Holiday Homes and the Land Use Planning System Research Report

The supply of new homes and housing choice are critical issues for local communities. The planning system has a role to play in ensuring, through efficient land release and development controls and conditions, that the needs of communities are met. This research examines the current and future role ...

Review of Land Use Planning Indicators Final Report (June 2002)

This report summarises research on land use planning indicators carried out by the University of the West of England, Bristol, for the Welsh Assembly Government between November 2001 and April 2002.

The Application Of Accessibility Methodologies To Land Use Planning

The aim of this research study, is to examine the potential for using accessibility methodologies to assist local planning authorities in the delivery of the National Assembly for Wales policy objectives for integrated transport and sustainable development.

Comparative Spatial Planning Methodologies Research Study - Final Report

This report presents the findings of a research study entitled “ Comparative Spatial Planning Methodologies”, carried out by a team from Cardiff University and Ecotec Research and Consulting between November, 2000 and February, 2001.

Farm Diversification and the Planning System

This research study has been undertaken for the National Assembly for Wales over the three months October - December 2000 and will assist in the review of planning policy for Wales.

Land Use Planning Research Scoping Study

The purpose of this scoping study is to identify key aims and objectives for the Wales Planning Research Programme, the resulting research will then provide the evidence base to help inform the development of a policy framework for Wales. N.B. This scoping study has been superseded by the Quinquenn ...