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Review of Land Use Planning Indicators Final Report (June 2002)

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This report summarises research on land use planning indicators carried out by the University of the West of England, Bristol, for the Welsh Assembly Government between November 2001 and April 2002.

The purpose of the research was to advise the Welsh Assembly Government about the data and information requirements in order to effectively monitor the planning system in Wales. This has involved both a comprehensive audit of land use data collected by Local Planning Authorities (88% response rate), a scoping of the policy changes at the European level and within the United Kingdom, and interviews with national bodies and local authority officers responsible for data collection.

The report finds the Assembly’s commitment to sustainable development is very timely given the policy developments at EU level on the European Spatial Development Perspective, the Strategic Environmental Assessment of plans and projects that came into force in June 2001, and the obligations to gather new kinds of data for Structural
Fund projects. The ‘spatial’ planning approach, supported by the European Commission and the EU member states, promotes the integration and monitoring of crosscutting
policies on economic and social cohesion, the conservation of natural resources and cultural heritage, and balanced regional development.