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Comparative Spatial Planning Methodologies Research Study - Final Report

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This report presents the findings of a research study entitled “ Comparative Spatial Planning Methodologies”, carried out by a team from Cardiff University and Ecotec Research and Consulting between November, 2000 and February, 2001.

This Final Report follows an Interim Report in January, 2001, and is accompanied by a Case Studies Working Paper, which provides a detailed review of the six selected case studies.

The Final Report includes:

  • An Introduction setting out the background, aims and objectives and key components of the research;
  • An analytical summary of the spatial planning methodologies utilised in the six case studies;
  • An examination of the Welsh context for a National Spatial Planning Framework, including a review of the major policies produced by the National Assembly for Wales, together with the views of a selection of respondents drawn from key agencies within and outside the Assembly;
  • An analysis of the 14 common components of the spatial planning methodologies reviewed in the six case studies, in order to distil lessons from best practice in the context of the specific situation in Wales, taking account of the expert views of interviewed respondents and stakeholders;
  • The identification of a range of options for the development of a National Spatial Planning Framework, and the selection of a recommended option most likely to meet the dual criteria of best practice and suitability to the Welsh context.