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Call for Evidence and Projects

A Call for Evidence and Projects for the NDF was held from 7th December 2016 to 7th March 2017.

The Call for Evidence and Projects sought evidence on:

  • the role and scope of the NDF
  • national issues that could be addressed, including:
    • areas for growth
    • new infrastructure requirements
    • how we manage our national assets
  • how the NDF can maximise the opportunities from new development and the management of our assets and ensure the planning system supports the delivery of our key strategic objectives
  • the NDF’s role in shaping regional Strategic Development Plans and local authority Local Development Plans
and details of projects that:
  • help deliver our objectives
  • are of national importance
  • can support the delivery of wider projects and initiatives as part of a joined up and co-ordinated plan
  • could not be dealt with at a regional or local level.
A summary of responses and individual responses by stakeholder group is available.

Every response is now part of the extensive and growing evidence base for the NDF.  We will continue to work in partnership with stakeholders through our ongoing engagement programme. A consultation on NDF ‘Issues and Options’ will take place in April 2018.