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Town and Village Greens

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Thank you for your views on the draft Planning Bill and our proposals to modernise the Planning system in Wales.
We want your views on our detailed proposals for the new pre-application procedures that are provided for in the Planning (Wales) Bill.
We plan to make an order under section 203 of the Planning Act 2008.
Read our proposals to change the fees that accompany a planning application.
We want your views on our proposals to reform planning committees and introduce a national scheme of delegation.
We want your views on how we can support our national planning policy on design and facilitate the delivery of good design through the planning system.
This circular provides contemporary guidance and references to legislation, as well as an updated list of model conditions to promote best practice in Wales.

Information on how The Planning (Wales) Act 2015 has modified the process for town and village greens applications.

The act has restricted applications for town and village greens where the site is subject to a planning permission or development order, to avoid parallel processes that are confusing for all. The existing strong protection for registered town and village greens remains unchanged.