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How does a Local Planning Authority (LPA) decide if an application is acceptable or not?

Local Planning Authorities decide on planning applications based on their development plan policies. However, an authority can approve an application based on other planning considerations despite it being contrary to the plan. This is known as a “departure” from the plan.

What if I am refused permission?

Applicants who are refused planning permission can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate within 6 months of refusal. The Planning Inspectorate is an independent agency comprised of planning inspectors who consider the appeal and other issues raised before making a decision to uphold, or dismiss, an appeal.

Visit: Planning Inspectorate Website (external link)

What if I am granted permission but I disagree with the conditions attached to it?

If you disagree with granted permission because of certain conditions attached you may appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against these conditions. This should be done within 6 months of receiving the decision notice.

Visit: Planning Inspectorate Website (external link)

What if I am opposed to a planning application which is approved – can I appeal?

No. The appeals process does not extend to those other than applicants.

Successive Governments have taken the view that there is sufficient opportunity for objectors (known as third parties) to become involved in the planning process by:

  • participating in the development plan process from the earliest stages; and
  • making representations about a planning application at decision stage.

These rights are available to everyone.