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The Standard Application Form (‘1APP’)

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Guidance on using the standard application form and the information needed to determine the validity of the application

What is ‘1APP’?

‘1APP’ is the name of the Standard Application Form. You must use this form to submit applications for planning permission and other associated consents in Wales.

This form also gives you information on what you need to submit in support of an application.

The Standard Application Form must be used if you are submitting the application to your local planning authority either electronically, or in hard copy.

Does my application have to be submitted online?

No. Your application can be submitted in hard copy, although we would encourage applications to be submitted electronically, wherever possible.

If you do submit your application in hard copy, you may need to submit an additional 3 copies of all forms, plans and any other information (4 in total).

Why is the Standard Application Form required?

We have revised the legislation that sets out the procedures for handling different types of application. The changes make the Standard Application Form mandatory for most application types.

The form has been designed so the information submitted for different types of application complies with national requirements. The information will also be consistent across each local planning authority in Wales.

The use of the form should help applications be made ‘valid’ more quickly as all of the information required to consider the proposal will need to be submitted with it. A valid application is one which is legally acceptable for determination.

Is the Standard Application Form required for all types of application?

The Standard Application Form must be used for:

  • Outline and full planning permission (including Householder Developments);
  • Approval of reserved matters;
  • Removal or variation of conditions;
  • Certificates of Lawful Development;
  • Consent under Tree Preservation Orders;
  • Advertisement Consent;
  • Listed Building Consent; and
  • Conservation Area Consent.

The form is not required for:

  • Applications for development for mining operations or the use of land for mineral deposits. These applications should made on a form provided by the local planning authority;
  • Applications to determine whether the ‘prior approval’ of the local planning authority is needed for aspects of development. These can be made using the Standard Application Form and submitted electronically, but there is no requirement to do so.  

Where do I get the new form from?

The Standard Application Form can be accessed directly through the Planning Applications Wales service.

Visit: Planning Applications Wales

Hard copies of the form are available from your local planning authority. But you will need to explain what type of application you are making to receive the correct form.

The 1APP form refers to national requirements set out in policy, where can I find this?

The national requirements set out in policy, can be found in our ‘Policy and guidance’ section on the left.

The national requirements for the registration and validation of planning applications are contained within legislation. You can find details in ‘Applying For Planning Permission And Other Related Consents: A Guide To The Standard Application Form (‘1APP’) And Validation Of Applications’. This document is available under the related links on the right.

Do the new requirements mean I have to submit additional information?

The new arrangements draw together legislation and national policy requirements. Overall the amount of information you will need to submit with an application has not changed.

For your application to be registered as ‘valid’, you must provide:

  • all the information required on the Standard Application Form;
  • any additional supporting assessments referred to in the form or required by legislation; and
  • any plans, drawings and certificates.

The information needed to make a ‘valid’ application will depend on the type of consent you are applying for.

What are Local Validation Requirements?

Your local planning authority can set local validation requirements for ‘major’ applications.

The definition for major applications is given in ‘Applying For Planning Permission And Other Related Consents: A Guide To The Standard Application Form (‘1APP’) And Validation Of Applications’. This document is available under the related links on the right.

Your local planning authority must publish its local validation requirements on its website. Otherwise they cannot be applied to any major application submitted to them.

Article 5 of the DMPWO doesn’t come from the General Development Procedure Order 1995 and is not in the ‘Table of Destinations’. So, where does it come from?

Article 5 of the Development Management Procedure (Wales) Order (DMPWO) 2012 sets out the requirements for an application for planning permission. This replaces Regulation 3 of the Town and Country Planning (Applications) Regulations 1988.

It is not clear to me whether I need to submit additional information, where can I get more information?

You can get more information on submitting additional information from your local planning authority.

Visit: Planning Applications Wales

I have more questions. Where can I find out further information?

If you have more questions on the Standard Application Form and the information required to make a ‘valid' application, you should contact your local planning authority directly.

Visit: Planning Applications Wales