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Development plans

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Each local planning authority must prepare a local development plan (LDP) which sets out its proposals and policies for future development and use of land in its area.
Local development plans - the examination and submission, model representation forms, programme office guidance and the fees.

Each Local Planning Authority must prepare a Local Development Plan (LDP) which sets out their proposals and policies for future development and use of land in its area.

LDPs provide a framework for rational and consistent decisions to deliver change which benefits our communities and business, providing certainty and maximising investment.

We want to have up-to-date adopted development plans across Wales as soon as possible. These plans let people know how places will work and look in the future. They are key drivers for investment, helping to realise the potential of Wales and compete on a UK, European and global level. They also help to create attractive places and homes for our communities and protect sensitive environments. Authorities that have up to date development plans can also start on preparing a Community Infrastructure Levy.

The development plan process allows communities to be involved in preparing the plan. The adopted Development Plan helps communities to understand where future developments can happen.

In Wales, there are 25 local planning authorities. Each one has to prepare a development plan. These can be prepared jointly between authorities or individually.

There are mainly two types of development plan adopted throughout Wales at present:

  • LDPs
  • Unitary Development Plans (UDPs).

The development plan map shows coverage in Wales.

The latest Local Development Plan to be adopted is: The City of Cardiff Council on 28 January 2016.