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Decision on called-in applications (A-D): Review of Old Mineral Permissions (ROMPs) for Cornelly, Grove and Gaens Quarries and Interim Development Order (IDO) Periodic Review for Cornelly and Grove Quarries.

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Conditions for each application have been approved subject to minor amendments detailed in each Decision letter.

The four called in applications (applications A-D) were subject to an inquiry in November 2015. The Inspector appointed to hold the inquiry prepared a report for Welsh Ministers.

The Minister accepted the Inspector’s recommendation that the conditions for each application be approved, subject to minor amendments detailed in each decision letter.

The  applications have been the subject of prolonged and detailed scrutiny.  Widespread studies and investigations have been carried out in response to hydrogeological concerns associated with the deepening of the quarries and potential impacts on the Kenfig/Cynffig SAC.

An Appropriate Assessment, under paragraph 61(6) of The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations (Habitats Regulations) 2010, as amended, was undertaken.

The Inquiry also considered various other matters, such as noise and blasting concerns, identified by the local planning authority and local residents.

The Decision Letters and appropriate assessment contain the reasoning behind the Minister’s decision to approve the schedule of conditions for each application.