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Decision on recovered appeal: 200 Student study bedrooms on land adjacent to Dean Street, Bangor, Gwynedd

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The appeal is allowed and planning permission has been granted, subject to conditions.

The planning permission allows for:

  • the erection of a building of up to 5 storeys in height to create 200 student study bedrooms
  • creation of parking spaces, bike storage, bin/storage/recycling facilities, boundary treatment 
  • site landscaping.

The appeal is against the refusal of Gwynedd Council to grant planning permission for the above development which was dealt with by the written representation procedure.  The Inspector who conducted the written representation procedure prepared a report for the Welsh Ministers.

The Minister for Housing and Regeneration did not accept the Inspector’s recommendation that the appeal be dismissed and planning permission refused for the proposed development.

The Decision Letter contains the reasoning behind the Minister’s decision to allow the appeal and grant planning permission, subject to conditions.

The Decision Letter, Annex 1, and the Inspector’s Report can be found below.