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Code for Sustainable Homes

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This consultation has closed. The Welsh Government response is now available.
We want to reduce CO2 emissions in Wales. We are looking to produce more of our energy from renewable and low carbon energy sources.

The Code for Sustainable Homes applies to all new housing promoted or supported by us or our Sponsored Bodies.

Following changes to building regulations and planning policy in England the Code for Sustainable Home (CSH) is being withdrawn. Whilst Welsh Government considers what action is required as a consequence of this decision the CSH remains a requirement for new housing funded by or built on land disposed of by the Welsh Government. The CSH scheme covers nine sustainable design principles. The nine principles covered are:

  • Energy and carbon dioxide emissions, 
  • Water, 
  • Materials, 
  • Surface water run-off, 
  • Waste, 
  • Pollution, 
  • Health and well-being, 
  • Management,  
  • Ecology. 

A home can achieve a rating from one to six stars, depending on how well it has achieved Code standards. One star is the entry level and six stars is the highest level – a zero carbon home. A zero carbon home is a home that achieves zero net emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from all energy use in the home over a 12 month period. There are mandatory standards contained within the Code (for energy, surface water run-off and water) and credits for each of the categories are weighted to give an overall score.

The Code provides valuable information to local authorities and home buyers. It also offers developers and builders a tool to set themselves apart in terms of sustainable development.


The current version of the Code for Sustainable Homes Technical Guide was published by Communities and Local Government on 11 November 2010, this should be read in conjunction with the Welsh addendum and transitional arrangements.

Code assessors and service providers

Code service providers are organisations that train and accredit Code assessors to carry out assessments on homes against the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Finding a Code assessor

If you are looking to hire the services of a licensed and accredited Code assessor, both organisations hold lists of Code assessors that have been trained, accredited and licensed by them to carry out Code assessments.

A list of Building Research Establishment (BRE) Global accredited Code assessors is available on the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method BREEAM website (external link).

A list of Stroma accredited Code assessors can be obtained by contacting Stroma (external link).