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Building control bodies

The role of checking that Building Regulations are being complied with falls to Building Control Bodies (BCBs).

There are two types of BCB - Local Authority Building Control (LABC) provided by the 22 local authorities within Wales and private sector Approved Inspectors (AI). A customer has the option of choosing one of the two BCBs to ensure that building work complies with the building regulations.

Local Authority Building Control has a statutory duty to see that building work complies with the Building Regulations if it is not under the control of the Approved Inspectors. Their representative body in Wales is LABC Cymru.

Private Sector Approved Inspectors are companies or individuals authorised under the Building Act 1984 to check that building work complies with the building regulations in England and Wales. The function of approving Approved Inspectors in Wales is undertaken by the Construction Industry Council Approved Inspector Register Limited (CICAIR Limited) (external link) as it is for England.

The representative body for Approved Inspectors in England and Wales is the Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors.

Relevant information and documents are available on the Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors website (external link) and Local Authority Building Control website (external link).