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Part J (Heat producing appliances)

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These Approved Documents have been amended because of the introduction of the revised Approved Document supporting regulation 7 (Materials and Workmanship).
Carbon monoxide in the home is responsible for a considerable number of deaths each year.
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Technical guidance on Schedule 1 of the Building Regulations about heat producing appliances.

This Approved Document has six requirements:

  • air supply
  • discharge of products of combustion
  • warning of release of carbon monoxide
  • protection of building
  • provision of information
  • protection of liquid fuel storage systems
  • protection against pollution

The document also mentions other standards that can be used for compliances purposes.

Archived versions of Approved Document J are available at the National Archives (external link).

Carbon monoxide

Any household appliance which burns fuel can produce carbon monoxide. Fuel burning appliances need a steady supply of oxygen. It is also important that the gases produced by burning fuel are quickly and safely removed from a property. 

The only way detect the presence of carbon monoxide is with a carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide alarms can be purchased from a number of different retail outlets and must comply with BS EN 50291.

All new fuel burning appliances and ancillary areas (flues & chimneys) installed within buildings in Wales must comply with Part J of the Building Regulations (Heat Producing Appliances).

To protect your home from carbon monoxide, get your appliances, flues and chimneys serviced on a regular basis by approved installers. For further information on installers for different types of appliances see Competent Persons Schemes.

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