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Help for local planning authorities

Local planning authority help with changes to contact details, avoiding duplication and online service assistance.

Changes to contact details

To help us to maintain our level of service to you, and ensure that our records are kept up to date, please let us know promptly about any changes to the appeals contact details for your authority.

We need to know if:

  • the name of any person dealing with appeals changes (for example if someone gets married)
  • someone dealing with appeals is replaced by someone else
  • the phone number or address of an appeals contact changes
  • the phone number or address of the authority changes.
All such changes can be notified to us by e-mail -

Avoiding Duplication


To reduce the weight of evidence submitted in relation to appeals, by eliminating duplication.


At statement stage, please do not send us copies of any attachments - policies, supplementary planning guidance, site plans, application stage third party correspondence etc - that have already been submitted with the appeal questionnaire.

You could include a list of documents submitted with the questionnaire as an appendix to the statement if you wish.  If there have been changes, such as policies being formally adopted, between questionnaire and statement stage, this should be noted in the statement.

If different departments within your authority deal with the questionnaire and the statement, then please ensure that those submitting the questionnaire either (a) send the other department a list of the documents that were sent in with the questionnaire, or (b) where the questionnaire was submitted online, send them a PDF copy, as it contains a list of all the supporting documents.

If you have submitted the questionnaire online there is no need to send a hard copy in the post or fax a copy to us.  If you have additional documents which you intend to submit in hard copy, please just send the additional documents with a note to inform the case officer.

Please note that we accept statements online (through the 'Comment on this case' facility) or by e-mail (to the e-mail address at the top of the start letter for the appeal), and we encourage you to submit your statements in this way. The Case Officer's e-mail address can also be found on the case summary screen.