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Householder appeals

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All the guidance and information you need to make or take part in a householder appeal.

The Householder Appeal is designed for householders who have applied to their council or national park authority for planning permission for small scale developments to existing properties, but are unhappy with the resulting decision, or the lack of a decision.

What is a Householder appeal?

The householder appeal is one against a refusal of planning permission for:

  • planning permission for the enlargement, improvement or other alteration of a dwellinghouse, or development within the curtilage of a dwelling house,
  • change of use to enlarge the curtilage of a dwelling house,

for any purpose incidental to the enjoyment of a dwelling house.

You cannot make a house holder appeal if the application relates to:

  • any other application for change of use,
  • an application for erection of a dwelling house,
  • an application to change the number of dwellings in a building,
  • an appeal against the grant of any planning permission which is granted subject conditions,
  • an appeal which accompanied by an enforcement or listed building consent appeal.

Appeal Service

Use the appeal service to:

Make a new appeal
Search for or comment on an appeal