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About this topic

We have responsibility for the planning system, developing policy, guidance and legislation and overseeing the arrangements in Wales. Working with local planning authorities, the Planning Inspectorate for Wales and other sectors we want a planning system that is open and fair. Planning has a vital role to play in helping our economy, supporting local communities and safeguarding the environment.

Sustainable development underpins our work. It’s set out in our Planning Policy Wales and Minerals Planning Policy Wales publications. They are supported by a series of Technical Advice Notes (TANs) on specifc topics, together with primary and secondary legisaltion.

We work with the 25 local planning authorities to make sure their development plans on the future use of land reflects our national planning policies for Wales.

Local planning authorities are also responsible for delivering the day-to-day planning services, including deciding planning applications. Local Authorities are normally your first point of contact when you have a planning query.