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What are the changes in Wales?

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Our ministerial Task and Finish Group on Welfare Reform has commissioned a three-stage programme of research to assess the impact of the UK Government’s welfare reforms in Wales.
In April 2013, Council Tax Reduction Schemes (CTRS) replaced council tax benefit in Wales and eligible applicants were automatically transferred onto the new scheme.
The purpose of the fund is to offer payments or in kind support to provide urgent assistance to people where there is an identified need to safeguard health and well being.
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The UK Government’s Welfare Reform Act 2012 abolishes Council Tax Benefit (CTB) and Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans.

Changes to welfare benefits

The Act introduces two new welfare benefit payments:

  • Universal Credit (which will eventually replace a number of in-work and out of work income-based benefits)
  • Personal Independence Payment which will replace Disability Living Allowance.

People who receive benefit payment or tax credits can also be eligible for a range of other support, which are called passported benefits. Some of these passported benefits are provided by the Welsh Government and the introduction of these new welfare benefits by the UK Government will have significant implications for Welsh Government passported benefits and services, because they currently use or base their eligibility criteria on the UK Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) existing welfare benefits being replaced.

Further details can be found from the written statements under “Related links”.

Mitigating the impact of welfare reform is one element of our wider strategy on tackling poverty.

How can I find out more?

Full information on the welfare reform, including the Welfare Reform Act 2012 , can be found on the DWP website (External link) or visit the benefits pages of (External link). For general enquiries, the Welsh Government welfare reform team may be able to help: