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Performance measures framework

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The Families First Process Change Performance Measures Framework (PCPMF) helps measure progress by local authorities in implementing the Families First programme.

Local authorities provide data to the Welsh Government on a quarterly basis. The data also shows the relevant percentage of the total for each category. 

Two key elements of the programme are the Joint Assessment Family Framework (JAFF) and the Team Around the Family (TAF).  

The precise implementation of the JAFF and TAF was left up to local authorities to determine and consequently a number of different JAFF and TAF models have developed since the programme was rolled out across Wales in 2012. While this has allowed local authorities to develop models that have been suitable to their circumstances, it also means that data may not always be directly comparable from authority to authority. 

We are publishing the data highlights for the programme and a selection of data collected through the Framework, aggregated to an all-Wales level. This includes:

  • annex 1: a selection of key data since 2013-14 which gives an indication of how the programme has matured, particularly in relation to the development of the JAFF and TAF
  • annex 2: the referral route into Families First for those completing a JAFF in 2016-17
  • annex 3: the Families First National Performance Measures which contribute to the development of a clearer, more comprehensive picture of the implementation of the programme, particularly in respect of the strategically commissioned projects. 

This data allows local authorities to consider how others with similar demographics have implemented the programme.  

Any queries about this data should be addressed to the Families First mailbox.