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How does it work?

Families First is delivered differently in each local authority.  

However, each local authority must deliver the following elements:

  • Joint Assessment Framework for Families (JAFF) – your family may be asked to complete a JAFF, which assesses the needs of your whole family.  The JAFF encourages you to think about what is working well,, what you would like to change, and what you think you need to help achieve success. A package of support will then be designed to meet those needs.
  • Team Around the Family (TAF) – this is if your family needs a lot of support from a number of different agencies. Support is coordinated by a key worker, or lead professional, so you won’t have to worry about contacting lots of different people.
  • Disability focus – if you have someone in your family with a disability, this area focusses on making sure your specific needs are provided for. You will also be able to access the other services provided through the programme.
  • Strategically commissioned projects – these are projects for parents and for young people which can help your family with specific things. Projects commissioned through Families First will focus on:
    • For parents:
      • Evidence based parenting programmes
      • Informal and formal group support
      • Relationship support
      • One to one support
    • For young people:
      • Support to improve confidence, independence and resilience
      • Support to help manage relationships and develop positive attitudes
      • Support to encourage young people to become active and productive members of society