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Childcare, Play and Early Years Workforce Plan

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Prosperity for All (PFA): the National Strategy sets out the Welsh Government’s ambition to give all children in Wales the best start in life.

Early Years is one of the 4 cross cutting priorities in PFA. 

We want children from all backgrounds to have the best start in life. Our aim is that everyone will have the opportunity to reach their full potential and maximise their chances of leading a healthy, prosperous and fulfilling adulthood, enabling them to participate fully in communities, the workplace, and contribute to the future economic success of Wales.

There is substantial evidence to suggest that delivering the right support for all children, particularly those from deprived backgrounds, is the best means of breaking the poverty cycle, and raising the aspiration and attainment for everyone. This underpins our central ambition of creating prosperity for all, reducing inequality, and promoting well-being. Investing in early years is an investment in the economy and workforce of the future.

The government fully recognises that a highly skilled Early Years workforce plays a vital role in helping to develop our children’s learning and development encouraging them to be able to develop the skills they need to reach their full potential in life.

The Childcare, Play and Early Years Workforce Plan supports this recognition. The plan sets out our ambition to develop a highly skilled childcare and play and early years workforce which is recognised as a highly regarded profession and career of choice, and one which society values for its contribution to our children’s learning and development.

The plan aims to support the sector over a ten year period and is intended to be a living document.

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