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Childcare Funding (Wales) Bill – Impact Assessments

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The Welsh Government may introduce bills into the Assembly, subject to the requirement of standing orders.
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The Welsh Government has introduced the Childcare Funding (Wales) Bill (“the bill”) into the National Assembly for Wales.

The bill confers a power on the Welsh Ministers to provide funding for childcare for qualifying children of working parents, and to make regulations about the arrangements for administering and operating such funding.

The primary focus of the bill is to enable the collection and consideration of data pertinent to the determination of a person’s eligibility for the Offer. It enables the Welsh Ministers to pass regulations which will make it possible to require parents to supply information in support of any application for funding and for relevant UK Government departments to share information with the Welsh Ministers for the purposes of determining a person‘s eligibility. The regulations will also cover the onward transmission of relevant data and determinations as required.

The bill also permits the making of arrangements for imposing penalties in situations where applicants provide false or misleading information or behave dishonestly. Regulations made under the bill must provide arrangements for applicants to ask for a penalty or a decision made about their eligibility to be reviewed and establish a process for appeals against a penalty or in relation to a decision about eligibility.

Information on the scrutiny of the bill is available at the National Assembly for Wales website (external link).

We have conducted a series of impact assessments in advance of the introduction of the Childcare Funding (Wales) Bill. These include:

  • Equality
  • Children’s rights
  • Welsh language
  • Justice

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Adobe PDF document
Equality Impact Assessment (File size: 551KB)