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Child poverty

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Our Tackling Poverty Action Plan sets out what we are doing to build resilient communities and to help prevent and reduce poverty in Wales.
Our equality objectives have been developed to deliver real changes to the ways we work.
Protecting the human rights of children under the age of 18.
This is a comprehensive and detailed quantitative profile of child poverty in Wales in 2005 and through to the most recently available reporting period.
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Our 2015 Child Poverty Strategy includes 5 key objectives for tackling child poverty and improving the outcomes of low income families in Wales.

They are:  

  • To reduce the number of families living in workless households.
  • To increase the skills of parents and young people living in low-income households.
  • To reduce the inequalities which exist in the health, education and economic outcomes of children and families by improving the outcomes of the poorest. 
  • To use all available levers to create a strong economy and labour market which supports the tackling poverty agenda and reduces in-work poverty in Wales.
  • To support families living in poverty to increase household income through debt and financial advice, action to address the poverty premium and action to mitigate the impacts of welfare reform. 
On 13 December we published our statutory report on progress towards achieving the child poverty objectives.