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Review of gender equality

On International Women’s Day, First Minister Carwyn Jones committed to make Wales a world leader in gender equality and commissioned a rapid review to bring new impetus to the Welsh Government's work. 

Phase one of the Rapid Review of Gender Equality 

The initial phase of the review has been supported by Chwarae Teg and the Wales Centre for Public Policy.

Chwarae Teg’s report, Rapid Review of Gender Equality 2018: Phase One (external link) is the first phase of a two-part review. The report examines the Welsh Government’s gender equality policies and considers them alongside the Wales Centre for Public Policy’s report on global best practice Putting equality at the heart of decision making (external link). 

The review found that, while much has been achieved in Wales, gender inequality remains a stubborn feature of Welsh life. 

The report lays the foundation for change based on three key themes: 

  • Vision and Leadership
  • Policy in Practice; and
  • External Scrutiny and Accountability.