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The Advisory Panel on Substance Misuse (APoSM)

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Aims to set out a clear national agenda for tackling and reducing the harms associated with substance misuse in Wales.
The delivery plan describes the work we will do to reduce the harm caused by substance misuse.
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This Independent Expert Panel is a Welsh Government sponsored body. It advises ministers on substance misuse related matters. 

The remit of the Panel is to:

  • advise the Minister of Social Services and Public Health on measures to prevent or reduce substance misuse 
  • advise the minister on the associated health and social harms of substance misuse and how they can be prevented or reduced 
  • review the implementation of the Welsh Government’s substance misuse strategy.

The Panel meets three times a year and is made up of members who have been publicly appointed and are independent of the Welsh Government. Time-limited subgroups are formed to address specific issues. These are composed of Panel members plus co-optees with relevant expertise. These subgroups report to the Panel.

APoSM Reports & Publications

The Panel produces reports and publications; pdfs of these are available by clicking the links below.



Caroline Phipps – Chief Executive, Barod

Panel members

Rosemary Allgeier - Principal Pharmacist in Public Health, Public Health Wales (Lead member for diversity and mentoring)

Professor Simon Moore - Professor of Public Health Research, Cardiff University 

Professor Philip Routledge - Clinical Director, All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Dr Julia Lewis - Consultant Psychiatrist, Gwent Specialist Substance Misuse Service

Co-opted members

Mark Polin - Chief Constable, North Wales Police

Professor Ceri Philips - Head of College, Professor of Health Economics, Swansea University

Report on enhanced harm reduction centres

Despite the evidence considered in this report, there are significant concerns with the compatibility of Enhanced Harm Reduction Centres with current criminal law relating to the misuse of drugs. The law in this area is a matter for the UK Government and its enforcement is a matter for the police.