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The programme supports our Tackling Poverty agenda and aims to provide 5,000 training and employment opportunities for people living in households where no-one is in work.

We have already provided 2,500 employment and training opportunities through the Lift Programme.

The programme is not aimed at those who are temporarily out of work, but focuses on those who have spent more than six months out of work or training and who face the greatest barriers to becoming employable, such as:

  • young single parent households
  • households in which the adults have few or no formal qualifications
  • people with weak employment records
  • individuals with disabilities.

Research shows that households with these characteristics are much less likely to gain employment than others.

The programme seeks to learn over time what works well and what is less successful. Experience gained will inform wider efforts to reduce the number of workless households in Wales.

Lift is part of our Tackling Poverty Action Plan and the Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty has approved a Programme budget up to 31 March 2018.

Each Cluster has a defined geographic focus on deprived areas. The maps below provide further details on these areas.

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