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Money Made Clear Wales Website

Calculator and money
On Monday 21 January 2013, Welsh Government Minister for Local Government and Communities formally launched a website intended to help people, especially those on lower incomes, to find easy hints and tips on how they can manage their money better.

The website provides links to various financial advice and support services. It provides:

  • information about advice and guidance – the site gives some basic information on the range of support that is available online and provides a link to the relevant websites for undertaking health checks, budget planning, and comparing costs, such as The Money Advice Service and Citizens Advice
  • information about affordable credit and savings – the site contains information on borrowing via a variety of sources from banks to payday lenders.  It also has a ‘loan comparison tool’ which allows the comparison of a variety of APR’s against Credit Union rates. There are then links to the relevant Credit Union websites, where available, and contact details for other Credit Unions that do not currently have an online sites
  • case studies, campaigns, blogs and newsfeeds – the site provides encouragement for individuals to take control of their finances by showing examples of others that have succeeded, giving prominence to campaigns such as ‘End Legal Loan Sharking’, and highlighting the work of the Wales Illegal Money Lending Unit with evidence of success.
Visit: Money Made Clear Wales (External link)