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Gypsies and travellers

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A review of the current planning policy guidance contained in Welsh Office Circular 2/94 “Gypsy Sites and Planning”
Advice and guidance on culture and health needs for practitioners working with Gypsies and Travellers.
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We want to ensure there are equal opportunities for all gypsies and travellers in Wales.

Our framework, “Travelling to a Better Future”, seeks to ensure the needs of gypsies and travellers are assessed, planned and implemented in a more strategic way. Through this framework we are developing and improving access to services for gypsies and travellers in Wales. We recognise the cultural differences which have often led to the social exclusion of these groups and we want to ensure these communities are heard in service delivery.

This framework for action focuses on several key policy areas which affect the way gypsies and travellers access services including accommodation, health, education, participation and planning and other barriers facing the gypsy and traveller community.