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Behavioural Insights reports

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Behavioural insights draw on an understanding of the way that individuals make decisions in practice, including how the context in which decisions are made influences outcomes.

Behavioural science has explored how the way that options are displayed shapes the choices that individuals ultimately make. Applying a behavioural approach to the challenges governments face allows us to design new policies or interventions which encourage people to make better decisions for themselves and for society. 

In 2015 the Welsh Government  commissioned the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) to undertake a programme of activity. BIT is a social purpose company, jointly owned by the UK Government; Nesta; and their employees. 

The programme comprised: 

  • Trials looking at voter registration
  • Trials looking at council tax
  • 2 scoping projects: 1 on domestic violence perpetrator programmes and another on reducing deliberately set grass fires 
  • Training for officials to enable them to apply behavioural insight approaches to their policy work  
Full details of the trials and scoping projects are provided in the reports.