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Data Verification Exercise - Local Government Revenue and Capital Settlement - 2018-19

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The non-financial data originally sourced by Local Authorities is used to calculate Standard Spending Assessments (SSAs) within the Local Government Settlement.

This data has already been through various quality assurance and verification processes prior to its publication.

The purpose of the data verification exercise is not to re-visit published estimates where the changes are minor. This process is to ensure that any significant errors or revisions to the non-financial data are identified prior to the publication of the Local Government Settlement.

Summary of the verification process

The data checking process is carried out in 2 rounds.

Round 1

The spreadsheet is available to download from 13 July 2017 for you to verify the non-financial data relating to your authority. There are tables containing data relating to the previous 3 data years but these are for comparison reasons only.

The 1st round of data verifications need to be finalised by 7 August 2017.

Round 2

The 2nd round is available to download in early September when the remaining datasets are published. The 2nd round verifications will need to be finalised by the end of September 2017.

Changes to published data will only be considered if the data repository agrees with the change. Any changes to published data should be agreed via the process in which it was originally submitted. Prior to pursuing any data updates you should inform the Local Government Settlement Team of any data amendments you wish to make, for confirmation that there is a genuine case for query and the discrepancy is not the result of any typographical error. Once you have received confirmation from the data repository to update a data item, please then indicate the updated figure on your query form.

For the round 1 data verification exercise, the majority of the data repositories lie within the Welsh Government. For the round 2 data verification exercise, the majority of data repositories lie outside of the Welsh Government. Should you wish to make any revisions to the published data, contact details are provided in the relevant data note.

Please return your completed query forms and signed verification forms to us via the email address

Completed verification forms can be returned by post or scanned and e-mailed. 

Whilst there is no formal obligation on your part to participate in this exercise, it is regarded as an important stage in the Welsh revenue settlement consultation process and of the subsequent calculation of SSAs.

Pupils at Independent Schools

You are also requested to notify us of any pupils educated in independent schools for pupils without statements of special educational need (excluding special schools) for whom your authority pays full tuition fees for. For reference, there is a line within the Revenue Outturn forms under the Education RO1 form recognised as "Other assuring access to schools (including fees to independent schools)". This information should be provided during verification round 1 in respect of the position at January 2017 and should be broken down into the following year groups:

  • pupils in reception year group or year group N2 (in either nursery or primary schools)
  • primary school pupils in year groups 1 and above
  • secondary school pupils in year groups 10 and 11, 7-11 and 12-14.
These pupils are directly credited in the SSAs and it is therefore very important that this information is provided to ensure the accuracy of the calculations. Please provide the figures to us on the query form. Note that it will be assumed that there are no such pupils unless otherwise indicated.

Document Download

PDF Document (MFS)
Round 2 - data note (File size: 253KB)
PDF Document (MFS)
Verification form (File size: 160KB)
MS Excel (MFS)
Round 2 - Query Form (File size: 118KB)