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Police Settlement 2015-16

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The Police setttlement is derived in a two stage process.

1. Provisional Police settlement 2015-16

The Provisional Police settlement phase initiates a consultation exercise involving the four Welsh Police forces. Responses to the consultation are considered before agreeing the final settlement.

The Provisional Police Settlement Letter to the Police and Crime Commissioners in Wales sets out the details of the provisional Police revenue settlement for 2015-16. It also initiates the consultation exercise.

The Local Government Finance Report 2015-16 (Provisional Settlement - Police and Crime Commissioners) is made in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Finance Act 1988. It sets out how much revenue support grant (RSG) the National Assembly for Wales proposes to distribute to police forces in 2015-16. The report also sets out how Non-Domestic Rates (NDR) will be distributed to police forces.

2. Final Police Settlement 2015-16

The Final Police Settlement 2015-16 sets out information for police forces to set their budgets and council tax precepts for 2015-16.