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Police settlement

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The Welsh Government provides around 80% of the money allocated to Local Authorities in Wales.
Participation and co-operation of the police and the Welsh Government is essential in building a safe, secure and prosperous Wales.

Policy responsibility for the police service in Wales is non-devolved and rests with the Home Office. However funding for police forces is provided through a three-way arrangement between the Home Office, the Welsh Government and council tax payers.

In the past, the level of support provided to police forces was a straight split between Police Grant and Standard Spending Assessments.  In recent years, England has operated a scheme of floors and ceilings (minimum and maximum increases). Under these arrangements, the Home Office has provided the balance of funding required for increases for police forces in Wales to reach the floor if required.

The following pages set out the funding that has been provided through the annual settlement for police forces in Wales since 2011-12.