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Review of the Community and Town Council Sector

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Panel members

An Independent Review Panel has been set up to consider the future role of Community and Town Councils.

The review will:

  • explore the potential role of local government below Local Authority councils, drawing on best practice
  • define the most appropriate model(s)/structure(s) to deliver this role
  • consider how these models and structures should be applied across Wales. This will include consideration of any situations in which they would not be necessary or appropriate.

National ‘Pop-In’ Event - 24 May 2018

The Independent Review Panel has invited all Community and Town Councils, along with organisations, who have strong links within their communities, to open their doors to their community members of all ages, to enable them to come along and have their say regarding the review and the future of the community and town council sector in Wales. These events will be taking place through May.

This would be a great opportunity for you to get involved and to meet a representative of your community or town council and for the younger members of the community to get involved.

To find out if there is an event happening near you please click on the ‘Pop-In’ information PDF below. Here you will find a list of locations.

If there is one near you please pop along and complete a feedback form. 

People of Wales - Get involved!

Here is a short public survey to submit your views (external link). Tweet using #MyCommunityMyCouncil or contact the panel directly by email:

Young People of Wales – We need your Help!

We are keen to hear the views from the youth of Wales! We would like to encourage you to get involved in the review and share this survey with everyone you see relevant.

Tweet using #CTCReview or #MyCommunityMyCouncil. Submit your views by completing this short survey (external link) or contact the panel directly by email:

Local Authorities - Get involved! 

Tweet using #CTCReview or #MyCommunityMyCouncil. Submit your views by completing this short survey (external link) or contact the panel directly by email:

Community and Town Councils - Get involved! 

The survey for Community and Town Councils is now closed. If you have further evidence to share with the Panel, please use the email address below:

The review will take around a year. 
All surveys will close at midnight on 3rd June. 

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