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Community and Town Councils

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This report focuses on the challenges that public services face and the current performance of the system of public services as a whole.
The research aims to improve our understanding of community and town councils in Wales and how they operate.
This guidance is issued by Welsh Ministers under Section 3(5) of Part 1  of the Local Government Act 2000, referred to as "the Act" throughout this guidance.
This paper provides a summary of the responses to the consultation on the research study into the role, functions and future potential of community and town councils in Wales.

Community and town councils are the grassroots level of local government in Wales.

There are over 730 community and town councils throughout Wales. Some represent populations of fewer than 200 people, others populations of over 45,000 people; but they all work to improve the quality of life and environment for citizens in their area.

Community and town councils are accountable to local people and have a duty to represent the interests of the different parts of the community equally.

About 8,000 people in Wales serve as community and town councilors. For some, this work is the first step towards political careers at higher levels in local or national government.