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Public engagement and consultation during the budget setting process

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Good practice examples by Local Authorities.

Local Authority services are more than roads and rubbish. They protect the most vulnerable in society. They educate our children and look after us when we are in need. They support us when we care for others and help keep us safe. They protect our heritage and our environment, and make our communities places we are proud to live in.

Setting budgets for 2014-15 was challenging for Local Authorities, as the financial outlook required some difficult decisions to be made regarding the services they provide. It is more important than ever for the people of Wales, for Council employees, and for other stakeholders and delivery partners to understand the rationale behind such decisions and to contribute to the debate.

Public engagement is a vital part of this debate, as it allows Authorities to hear directly from people about the services which most matter to them. Our residents are local tax payers, who often have good ideas and can provide valuable input into how to make local services better.

The Welsh Government continues to support Local Authorities to find innovative ways of delivering key services. For the 2014-15 budget setting exercise, the Welsh Government asked Local Authorities to provide information  about the good work they have done in consulting and engaging with the public. We asked them how they went about it, what tools and techniques they used and what they did with the information they gathered.

As a result we are publishing a prospectus of good practice examples which includes some strong examples of public engagement, innovation and thinking about the future. All 22 Local Authorities responded to the exercise and a handful have been highlighted within this prospectus. However, many Authorities approached the exercise in a similar way.

This prospectus has also been published via the Good Practice Wales Portal (external link) where other excellent examples of good practice across Welsh public services are detailed.