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Comparisons of the Regional Collaborative Areas 2014

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This is the third annual compendium providing key summary statistics for the six regional collaborative areas in Wales.

The report provides comparisons for each regional area and across the six areas. It includes a range of information reflecting the demographic, economic and social characteristics of these areas.  

Much of the evidence about what works in improving services, supports the view greater regional and national collaboration helps to deliver better services. The Welsh Government set out a geographical footprint for regional collaborative activity across public services in 2011, aligning Local Authority and regional boundaries with other public services such as health and policing.

Standardising on this common set of geographical boundaries and regional arrangements, supports delivery by promoting stronger governance and accountability. This approach puts collaboration on a more stable, long-term footing so partners can get on with the job of joining up services to meet the needs of people and communities across Wales.

This compendium sits alongside the Local Authority Services Performance publication issued in January. These publications bring together information about public services in Wales to help the public and others acting on their behalf, to understand and scrutinise the performance of public services.