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Local Authority Service Performance


Local authorities are responsible for delivering a wide range of services. This website provides data on their performance in delivering these services.

Performance data alone does not provide the whole story. Other factors, such as resource implications, population density and demographics all have an impact on performance and cannot possibly be captured in a single figure summary.

Local authorities are, within reason, free to decide how much to spend on a particular service, but they have a duty to secure continuous improvement in the services they provide.

The information presented here draws upon the Welsh Government National Strategic Indicators and where appropriate other official statistical sources to inform consideration of local authority performance.

The variation of performance over time is also an important consideration, for example, the performance of a local authority may have decreased in the latest year but that may follow several years of strong improvement. It is also important to bear in mind the robustness of the indicators used.

What do Welsh people think of their local authority services?

The National Survey for Wales – each year over 14,000 people across the whole of Wales are asked their opinions on a range of topics including health, wellbeing and public services. The results are used by Welsh Government to help make Wales a better place to live.  View the results.