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This report focuses on the challenges that public services face and the current performance of the system of public services as a whole.
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Reforms to public services should improve the well-being of people across Wales now and in the future.

In 2011 UK Government set up a Commission on Devolution in Wales, led by Paul Silk. In 2013 Welsh Government set up a Commission on Public Service, Governance and Delivery, led by Sir Paul Williams.

The Silk Commission produced two reports proposing greater devolution for Wales. The Williams Commission report proposed a wide-ranging and important set of reforms to public services. These provide a strong foundation for improving public services and outcomes for people in Wales. Both Commissions have now finished their work.

In 2014 a Ministerial Task and Finish Group on Devolved Services Reform was set up to lead work on public service reform.

In response to the Silk Commission’s first report the Welsh Government is undertaking work on financial reform.The Welsh Government has produced a statement responding to the Silk Commission’s second report. A document has also been published setting out a new reform agenda for devolved public services in response to the Williams Commission’s report. At the same time a White Paper on Reforming Local Government has been issued for consultation.

See the website for more information on the Commission on Devolution in Wales (external link).