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e-PIMS (Electronic Property Information Mapping Service)

e-PIMS is the electronic property information and mapping service maintained by Cabinet Office for the public sector in the UK.

The modified version used in Wales provides a public sector property database for properties and land.

It has been described as a "who's got what where" for property in the UK public sector. It informs the decision making process by identifying relocation, co-location and disposal opportunities.

It contains information relating to public sector property and can be viewed by an individual e-PIMS user, provided they are signatories to a user agreement. It is web based but access is subject to registered password control.

The system is also able to highlight the presence of meeting rooms in a searchable format.

Current position

There continues to be significant progress in our combined efforts to populate the all Wales public sector property database (WPSPD). As of Autumn 2015, there are over 22,829 entries now posted in Wales.

There has also been significant interest in hosting vacant and surplus property opportunities on the site. All users receive updates and can access the system to interrogate records at any time. The National Assets Working Group (NAWG) sees e-PIMS as the primary tool for hosting any surplus property assets for the public sector in Wales.

NAWG encourages all Welsh public bodies to include their records- NHS Wales, the UK Government, the Welsh Government and Welsh Government sponsored bodies all already list their properties. Welsh local government have been placing details of their holdings within the database and we are looking at other organisations to do likewise.

The current phase is centred on Housing associations, the voluntary or third sector together and faith organisations.


The link to display property on a map is an important aid in helping identify those opportunities for us to work together. We have been working to improve the look of the maps and assist organisations to get the most out of the system. There have been a series of new releases which have seen additional functions added as well as increases to the speed of search results.

Further Information

Further information and registration details are available from or by visiting the e-PIMS website (External link).