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What you should know before, during and after you successfully acquire ownership of land or a building offered for rent or sale by a public body.
Invest to Save 2018-19.

Information on the current projects managed through the National asset working group.


The electronic property information and mapping service created by UK Government and maintained by cabinet office.

Space Cymru

Space Cymru advertises public sector property that's available to let or buy.

Fleet Project

Identifies the level of "maturity" in the Welsh public sector in relation to fleet management and passenger transport.

ICT Project

The development of a centrally procured, comprehensive asset management IT programme for use by public sector organisations in Wales.

Invest to Save

The delivery of public service improvement projects that result in significant cash-releasing efficiency savings.

Land Transfer Protocol

Sets out advice by the National Assets Working Group (NAWG) for a best practice solution for the transfer or disposal of land between public bodies in Wales.

Property Indicators and Benchmarking

Good data helps people to make better and more informed decisions.

Community Asset Transfers in Wales – A Best Practice Guide

The guidance is intended to support a step-change in enabling communities to play a more active role in service design and delivery; to enable organisations to be better equipped to undertake community asset transfers.