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National Assets Working Group

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The National Asset Working Group (NAWG) enables and influences organisations to adopt a collaborative approach in asset management.

The Group has put in place the tools to help do this and shares best practice guidance and case studies.


The Group seeks to support and encourage the realisation of the efficiencies and benefits that can be derived from proactive, strategic estate management and its role in providing high quality support for the delivery of public services. The public sector estate is estimated at around £12bn (Wales Audit Office) with annual running costs of circa £500 million.


On 26 February 2010, the First Minister announced the establishment of a Wales Efficiency and Innovation Programme, steered by an Efficiency and Innovation Board chaired by the Minister for Business and Budget.

The Efficiency and Innovation Board was initially established as a two year programme to work across public services and sectors. It consisted of a number work streams including NAWG.

In 2011, the Efficiency and Innovation Programme was succeeded by the Public Service Leadership Group (PSLG) chaired by the Minister for Local Government and Government Business.

Since the disbandment of PSLG, the work of NAWG now falls directly within the remit of the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Local Government.

This leadership a supports the NAWG in its role to influence the behaviours of public sector leaders so that opportunities are seized, barriers removed and ambition and pace maintained.

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