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Assets Cymru

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What you should know before, during and after you successfully acquire ownership of land or a building offered for rent or sale by a public body.
Everyone working in public services must be aware of the need to manage public resources responsibly, and in the public interest.

Making the best use of the assets of the Welsh public sector is key to delivery high quality services for the people of Wales.

The National Assets Working Group is a cross Welsh public sector group focussed on encouraging the different institutions to share and learn from best practice within and without Wales.

Community Asset Transfer (CAT) also forms part of improving the delivery of public services in Wales, with the transfer of assets from the public sector to the third sector and community groups to deliver services valued by the community they service. Guidance has been recently published to help community groups to construct bids.

Details of tools to aid those seeking surplus public sector assets such as Space Cymru are also detailed.