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Regulatory Board for Wales

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The Minister has appointed two new independent members to the Regulatory Board
This revised Regulatory Framework seeks to improve and strengthen our approach to regulation.
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The purpose of the board is to examine the regulatory performance and activity of the Welsh Government and the housing sector.

This is achieved by considering annual reports and guidance from the Regulator, and other publications on the performance of the sector. The Board will use that information to advise the Minister on the performance of the regulator, the sector and any related policy implications.

The Board is supported by a Regulatory Advisory Group and a Tenant Advisory Panel. The Panel ensures that tenants’ views, concerns and interests are reflected in the Board’s work.

The Board members are as follows:

  • Helen White (Chair)
  • Ceri Victory-Rowe
  • Doug Elliott
  • David Roberts
  • Robert Smith
  • Jane Mudd
  • Kevin Lawrence