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Preventing Homelessness and Promoting Independence: A Positive Pathway to Adulthood

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Supporting young people on their journey to economic independence and success through housing advice, options and homelessness prevention.

In drawing up the Welsh ‘Positive Pathway’ framework the Welsh Government has consulted with a wide range of local authorities, homelessness agencies, housing associations and the Welsh Local Government Association. In addition, we have consulted with young people through Cymorth Cymru (external link). We want to thank everyone for their help. Their combined advice, sharing of expertise and positive support has been very informative and helped to shape this document.

The framework within this document promotes a ‘positive pathway’ to adulthood. It is based on the ‘Positive Pathway’ (external link) that St Basils, a youth homelessness agency in England has developed, with the advice and support of other agencies, young people and the Department for Communities and Local Government. We would like to thank St Basils for giving us their permission to adapt the England version.

Alongside this ‘Positive Pathway’ document, there is a ‘sister’ version which Barnardo’s have developed. The ‘Care Leaver Accommodation and Support framework’ (external link) is specifically for young people leaving care in Wales.