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Rough Sleeping Action Plan and Housing First

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Rebecca Evans, Minister for Housing and Regeneration, will publish two new policy documents today which set out new approaches to tackling homelessness in a statement to the Assembly.
Tell us if you want any of the documents on this page in an alternative format.

The two year action plan to reduce rough sleeping reflects the concern at the recent rise in rough sleeping and the priority we give to reversing this.

This action plan has been developed in partnership with stakeholders working with rough sleepers, including Rough Sleepers Cymru and the WLGA.

The rise in rough sleeping requires a concerted, strategic response. Housing First can play an important role in tackling longer term rough sleeping, particularly for those unwilling or unable to live in hostels or other shared living situations.

We expect Housing First to play an increasing role in local approaches to tackling homelessness - and rough sleeping in particular - and should be considered in all local contexts.