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Targeted Regeneration Investment

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More than £1.4m will be used to revitalise retail and commercial buildings and attract businesses to Colwyn Bay, supported by Welsh Government investment.
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Our new £100 million programme of targeted regeneration investment has been available to support projects from April 2018.

Local authorities, along with partner organisations, can apply for the capital investment for projects that promote economic regeneration and serve the aims of wider sustainable development with activities focussed at individuals and areas most in need.

The investment will help create jobs, enhance skills and employability, and create the environment for businesses to grow and thrive.

A key feature of the programme is that projects are identified through a process of regional working. Each region (North, Mid, South East and South West) has an agreed regeneration plan outlining their strategic approach to regeneration, target areas and overall context for individual project proposals.

The National Regeneration Investment Panel meet on a monthly basis and schemes recommended by the panel and approved by the Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Public Services and the Minister for Housing and Regeneration will be made available here.

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