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A review of renewal areas in Wales

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Renewal areas have existed for nearly 20 years. Their main purpose is to improve living conditions in areas where there is scope to improve housing and to tackle a wide range of related environmental and socio-economic conditions.

We have completed a review of the renewal areas in Wales.

The final report was published in September 2009.  

Aims of the review

We commissioned the review with the following aims:

  • To consider the overall effect and impact made by Renewal Areas in Wales;
  • To consider the effectiveness of the current bidding and monitoring arrangements; and
  • To consider improvement, development and dissemination of good practice.


The report includes a number of recommendations. Recommendations 1 to 9 are for the Assembly Government and recommendations 10 to 22 are for local authorities.  

Responding to the recommendations

Our responses to recommendations 1 to 9 are available below.

Recommendations 10 to 22 have been passed to the Welsh Local Government Association for consideration.