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Prevention of homelessness

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This advice note has been produced to inform and aid voluntary sector agencies in Wales in developing interventions to prevent homelessness.

This advice note provides examples of current practice and a review of what is known about the effectiveness of preventative interventions.

The advice note is based on the findings of a review of existing research on homelessness prevention in the UK, Western Europe and North America.

The advice note is split in four chapters.

  • Chapter One describes the background to the research and briefly considers the stages and types of interventions identified by the review.
  • Chapter Two provides examples of general prevention programmes.
  • Chapter Three provides examples of interventions targeted on specific groups such as young people and drug users.
  • Chapter Four considers how interventions might be evaluated.
  • Appendix One contains more information on policy, research reports and literature reviews on the prevention of homelessness.
  • Appendix Two provides a brief summary on monitoring and evaluation.