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Living Well – Living Independent Lives

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In an ageing society, it is important to develop strategic housing policies that allow older people to continue to live with independence and dignity. This report, written by Wendy Bourton OBE, examines housing for older people in Wales. It suggests we should question assumptions about ageing and adopt principles and practices which focus on the ageing society by working together and involving citizens.

The key principles of the report are:

  • engaging with older people;
  • understanding that ageing is a time of exploration, renewal and independence; and
  • services must recognise the range of needs of older people and reflect the communities where they live.

The key objectives are:

  • to encourage housing solutions that promote wellbeing and independence for older people;
  • to promote homes within communities for future investment and delivery;
  • to strengthen the role of housing within collaborative practice;
  • to develop tools to help deliver housing policies for an ageing society.