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Developing a modern regulatory framework for Housing Associations in Wales - Delivery outcomes

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We needed to define the expectations / intentions of Housing Associations and their aspirations as part of the new regulatory framework in Wales. After consultation, we developed delivery outcomes - statements of intent that Housing Associations can aspire to.

Renaming the Performance Standards

To reflect consultation responses we have renamed the performance standards. Their new name, which better reflects their role within the new regulation framework, is delivery outcomes.

Delivery outcomes for Wales

Annex 1 contains the Delivery Outcomes for Wales. They reflect consultation comments and are designed for Wales, reflecting our unique policy and sector circumstances.

They cover:

  • How we fund and manage our business to deliver for tenants and communities; and
  • How we deliver fair, efficient and effective landlord services.

Applying the delivery outcomes

These delivery outcomes should be applied from 2010/11. Some Housing Associations in Wales have been using the draft standards already.

The delivery outcomes will be reviewed each year in the framework evaluation.