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Asylum Seekers and Refugees: Guidance for housing and related service providers in Wales

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We are responsible for many of the policies and services in Wales that can help support refugees and asylum seekers.
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This guidance is aimed at accommodation providers. It is also intended for agencies who need to provide housing and support of asylum seekers who receive a positive decision on their asylum claim.

This guidance covers:

  • law on asylum (Chapter 1);
  • system of dispersal (Chapter 2);
  • strategic planning for dispersal (Chapter 3);
  • how landlords can diversify their services to include asylum seekers (Chapter 4);
  • the agencies in Wales involved in developing asylum policy and practice and a asylum seeker profile of Wales (Chapter 5);
  • the asylum application process (Chapter 6);
  • good practice (Chapter 7);
  • procedures to be followed after a positive decision Chapter 8); and
  • refugee integration (Chapter 9).

The Guidance is also intended to raise awareness generally of asylum seeker and refugee housing issues.

This guidance has no legal status and is intended as information only. It is not a substitute for Home Office or specialist guidance such as that provided by the Refugee Council, which is up-dated on a regular basis. Accommodation and other service providers should always secure legal or other expert advice where their obligations to asylum seekers and refugees are ambiguous or unknown.